Saturday, April 4, 2009

Traitors to Sabah!

Lahad Datu, Saturday(4th April)- Twelve people were held for burning the Sabah state flag. Their leader claims to be the Sultan of Sulu. There was riot police in town until the afternoon, stationed in front of the Standard Chartered Bank. The road from the roundabout near the Magistrate's Court right up to the bank was sealed off. And motorists who wanted to enter town had to use the coastal freeway or through Pancuran, which was in terrible shape and looked like a waterfall due to the heavy rain.

What is surprising (or unsuprising) is that these flag-burners all had Malaysian citizenship cards (MyKad). Once again we see that the National Registration Department (NRD) had erred in giving citizenship to these foreigners. As long as these foreigners are allowed to keep their MyKads issued during the Mahathir-regime, our state would be in danger. Let us all call on the present government to revoke all citizenships issued to Filipino and Indonesian illegals between the 1970s-1999!