Friday, April 29, 2011

Singing Praises For An Outsider

The stupidity of certain Sabahans is so appalling. Recently there was a debate between certain leaders from the ruling coalition in the state who argued on whether former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad or former Chief Minister Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan was the one who failed Sabah.

As far as history proves it, Pairin led the wake up call to Sabahans to rise against the Malayan Dr.Mahathir. PBS was able to unite Sabahans of all ethnic and religious background by continuously winning election after election without support from Malaya.

Today however, we have Pantai Manis assemblyman Datuk Abdul Rahim Ismail singing praises for Dr.Mahathir while at the same time running down Pairin by making accusations about mismanagement of state resources.

Pairin did not commit mass murders, state executions, detention of political opponents, outright discrimination of race and religion nor any of the evils usually committed by dictators.

And he was a true blue Sabahan. When Dr.Mahathir was prime minister Sabah suffered because Dr.Mahathir disliked Pairin.

So, if we have an outsider who discriminates against your state and a local who spearheads a struggle against this outsider, it would only be natural we support our local hero.

But here we have Rahim singing praises about Dr.Mahathir and criticising others who he says hurt the feelings of Malays and so on.

It shows us the level of thinking of our state assemblyman. If our assemblyman is so stupid, then what kind of a state are we living in.

By the way, would Rahim have defended Dr.Mahathir if the latter is a Christian. Or would he have criticised Pairin if Pairin is a born Muslim?

Rahim can consider contesting a Malayan state seat in the next election if he is so fond of Malayan leaders.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

BN Wins Sarawak!

The Sarawak state elections ended with the Barisan Nasional (BN) winning 55 of the 71 seats in the state assembly. Of the 16 seats won by the opposition, 12 were won by the Democratic Action Party (DAP), 3 by the National Justice Party (PKR) and 1 by an independent.

BN's victory in Sarawak ended all talks of the United Malays National Organization's (UMNO) entry into Sarawak should BN lose. It was a sweet victory indeed for the Sarawak BN.

The North Borneo Herald wishes the Sarawak BN congratulations!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No Need For Pairin To Regret

he Huguan Siou Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan has expressed regret that his party the Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) had pulled out of the Federal ruling coalition in 1990. His statement of regret was later praised by Malaysia's Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Going back to 1990, we should remember that despite having the backing of all the ethnic groups, PBS a member of the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition was treated with suspicion. This is clear that even former prime minister Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad wrote in his memoir that visiting Sabah at that time was like visiting an opposition state. The Tun apparently forgot what Sabahans arriving in Malaya thought of Malaya at that time.

Even when PBS had pulled out of BN, the Tun remarked that it was for the best as PBS was like a thorn in the flesh. If any of you remembered well enough, TV Sabah which was on air since 1969 was pulled out of service in 1985. That was the same year PBS won the first election. Even after rejoining BN, the television station was never reinstated.

The Huguan Siou is probably the only Chief Minister at that time who was not appointed as chairman of the state security council by the Federal government.

In 1990 at a rally in Merdeka Padang, Pairin asked for the Federal government to give Sabah a university and a television station. The Tun who took to the podium after Pairin did not respond as positively to these demands.

And this was at a time when the Tun was about to face a do-or-die battle against Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, an opposition strongman who had just earlier been with the Tun in the same party.

PBS had won 36 of the 48 seats in Sabah. Now, with such a bleak future facing him, and with the PBS as a strong ally, the Tun still did not endear himself to PBS.

Therefore, it is only natural that PBS pulled out of BN. If it had pulled out of BN when the opposition won, it would truly be like a stab in the back. At least PBS pulled out earlier. This gave the pro-government side to paint Tengku Razaleigh as a Christian sympathiser. As a result, the Tun's party won.

There should be no reason for the Huguan Siou to regret. If he says he regretted his decision, the majority of Sabahans in 1994 had made the wrong decision. But no, PBS pulled out as a matter of principle. Sabahans regardless of race and religion backed PBS as a matter of principle.

Even the late Tun Datu Mustapha Datu Harun backed PBS. In fact he said that the Federal government was behaving like a colonialist.

We did what was right. Pairin did the right thing. Pairin pulling out of BN only showed Sabahans the true colour of Tun Dr.Mahathir. Utusan Malaysia, the Malayan newspaper owned by the Tun's party had no shame accusing the Tun's co-religionist as "Menjunjung Salib" (carrying the Christian cross).

This goes to show the great lengths the Tun would go to rule Sabah. In the period 1990-1999 the Project IC* issuance reached a frenzy. There were reports here and there of illegal immigrants lining up to get citizenship. Even the High Court in Kota Kinabalu ruled that one of BN's victory in the 1999 state elections was illegal as foreigners had voted.

So, Pairin pulling out exposed to us the true evil. Pairin as the Huguan Siou and four-time Chief Minister of Sabah need not regret. Neither do the people who believed in his struggle and voted for him.

Yes, Pairin fell in the end. But it was evident that he did not fall in a fair competition. His opponents had used dirty tactics against him.

PBS' struggle in the period 1990-2002 might have failed. But the struggle itself is not dead. It will resurface and only time will tell us when.

As for the Huguan Siou, the North Borneo Herald would like to say congratulations for pulling out of the BN for he exposed the devil.

*issuance of citizenship cards to illegal immigrants in Sabah

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sabahan Malay Version

North Borneo Herald has now included Sumunggup, a Sabahan Malay language version for those who prefer this lingua franca. Just go to