Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coal Plant Decision Reversed

The Federal Government has decided to scrap the coal power plant project in Lahad Datu. The Federal government should be congratulated for its bold decision in reversing its earlier decision.

As for those who supported the project, they must be the ones who had money to make from the project. Secondly, they could also be those who are ill-informed of the negative environmental impact of a coal power plant. This group could also be those who think that whatever power problems they have now is as a result of the absence of a coal plant. Obviously this group is illiterate or too oblivious of current happenings. As for the first group, their hopes of making money out of an environmental destruction has been dashed, fortunately.

It is an indeed a very brave decision by the government considering the hosts of businessmen and opportunists they would be disappointing.

The government certainly deserves an applause.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sulu Sultan Should Go Back To Sulu

The recent istallation of a state UMNO (United Malays National Organization) member as the Sultan of Sulu is a downright insult to the sovereignity of Sabah. Sabah was colonised by the Sulu Sultanate for hundreds of years.

When the North Borneo Chartered Company took over Sabah, they sort of "liberated" Sabah from both the Brunei and Sulu Sultananates though the company owned Sabah. In 1963, Sabahans became truly independent when it was declared as such on August 31st, though Sabah would be part of a Federation two weeks later.

So, by having this character installed as a Sulu Sultan on Sabahan soil is a grave insult to us. If he is so interested in in his crown, then he should have stayed in Sulu and give up his Malaysian citizenship.

The fact that this individual can still be an UMNO member and can even hold a post in a prominent Islamic missionary organization shows the sad state of affairs in Sabah.

We should never forget the deeds of our past leaders like Tomanggung Koratud and the rest who fought pirates, some of whom fought in the name of the Sulu Sultanate. The Sulu Sultanate is gone, and it should stay that way, at least in Sabah.